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File Extension GFT

What is File Extension GFT?

File Extension GFT Recommendation:

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File Extension GFT Description:

The GFT file extension is a font file that was introduced by Digital Research, Inc. in the 80s, with the Graphics Environment Manager OS or GEM. Gem did not succeed when it was a desktop interface, but was a significant hit in desktop publishing groups, when it was used as the Ventura desktop publishing system's interface. It is due to this legacy that the GFT file extension is still used, and is compatible with different public domains, commercial sources and shareware.

Files in the .gft file extension are generally bitmapped and are monochrome, meaning it does not have support for characters that have more than one color. Electronic data files consisting of characters make up a file in the .gft file extension. It contains a series of pixels or dots that represent the image of a glyph in each size and face. Files in the .gft file extension are easier and faster to use in computer code, but is inflexible, and requires a separate font for each size and face. The GFT file extension defines a Gem bitmap font or a raster font, as it is sometimes referred to. It is because bitmap fonts are selections of glyphs' raster images. For every variant of a font with the GFT file extension, a whole set of actual glyph images are provided, and every set contains each character's image.

A font file in the GFT file extension is simple and fast to render, but a disadvantage is that it shows poor visual quality when scaled or transformed, in comparison to stroke and outline fonts. And if you use optimized sizes of the font, it significantly increases memory usage as well. However, later implementations of fonts appended with the .gft file extension in Gem became scaleable.

In the Atari ST platform, is also known that font files in the .gft file extension was also used for the platform, but the fonts cannot be used without having to convert them first, because fonts in Atari Gen are differently encoded from those used in systems that are PC compatible.


Digital Research, Inc.

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Applications associated with file extension GFT:

Graphics Environment Manager, Ventura Desktop Publishing System, Atari ST

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