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File Extension GDS

What is File Extension GDS?

File Extension GDS Recommendation:

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File Extension GDS Description:

The GDS file extension is described as an image file. The GDS file extension is not that familiar as an image file, compared to a lot of more other popular image file that are available today. Therefore, most users who encounter working with the GDS file extension mostly need a file converter.

Image file formats offer users a consistent method of storing and organizing image data. Image files such as the GDS file extension, consists of vector/ geometric data or pixel data that are rasterized to pixels during its display. Pixels that form an image file are in the structure of grid of rows or columns. Every pixel contained in an image file is made up of numbers that represent color and brightness.

For the McDonnell-Douglas Company, the GDS file extension is used to support some of its applications. Since this file extension is associated with this company, it is therefore popular since its manufacturer is the fourth largest software producer in America. The software devices produced by this company are mostly for engineers, who use computers in designing new plans, products, and projects.

This company also has produced the Unigraphics software, which is now widely used for production machinery designs. The GDS file extension is also used in the Unigrpahs software. It may not be written directly, but most probably, the GDS file extension for this application is used for all its graphic files.

Meanwhile, the GDS file extension also has another different use for microchips. In this context, the GDS file extension is a standard data format that can be used to store a physical circuit design's graphical data. It identifies the layout information of integrated circuits in order to provide interested persons with this kind of data.


McDonnell Douglas Corporation

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McDonnell-Douglas, Chip Layout Information

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