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File Extension FLAC

What is File Extension FLAC?

File Extension FLAC Recommendation:

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File Extension FLAC Description:

The FLAC file extension is used for the Free Lossless Audio Codec, which is a file format for audio that is similar in format to MP3. Files in the .flac file extension are compressed without loss in quality. It is similar in the way that ZIP functions, but files in the .flac file extension are better in compression as it is designed particularly for audio. The FLAC file extension can be played in any favorite media player much like a file in MP3.

Files in the .flac file extension are reduced in bandwidth and storage requirements, without compromising audio integrity. Audio sources that are encoded in the FLAC file extension are usually reduced to 40 -50 percent in size. The FLAC file extension was developed to save packed audio data, unlike the general lossless algorithms like gZIP and ZIP. While the ZIP file extension compresses audio files of CD quality by 10-20 percent, files in the .flac file extension are significantly greater in compression.

Lossless compression of data enables the exact data to be reformed from compressed data. This is in contrast with the lossy compression method, where the retrieved decompressed data is different from the original, but similar enough to be used. Lossless compression is necessary when the original and the decompressed data should be identical. Audio compression algorithms are integrated computer software in audio codecs.

Files saved in the .flac file extension are ideal for audio archival and everyday playback. It has support for tagging, fast seeking and audio art. FLAC is free and is an open source project enabling it to be well-supported by many applications. However, its playback support for portable devices for audio is still limited for the time being. The FLAC audio codec is available freely and is supported on many operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, UNIX, BeOS, Amiga and OS/2. The FLAC project is freely open to the public at no cost, though the project reserves the right to implement specifications, and certification of compliance.


Free Lossless Audio Codec Project

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Applications associated with file extension FLAC:

Various supported media players, Microsoft Windows O/S, UNIX, BeOS, Amiga and OS/2.

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