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File Extension FF

What is File Extension FF?

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File Extension FF Description:

The file extension .ff is implemented as a source file by the Sigmac programming language, which is interpreted as SigmaC (because of its similarity to C language) or sometimes referred to as Sigma's macro, because it can be classified under macro languages. Macro languages like the file extension .ff are commonly interpreted, as compared to compiled, and have three code levels; the CADEngine, the Library and the Applications. Of these three, only the Applications level is coded in Sigmac and mostly public, while the other two levels are private and utilize C language source codes.

The Application level related to the file extension .ff is considered as a system of Sigmacs. The components of the language that supports the file extension .ff are logic, toolbox, and syntax. In terms of the .ff file extension, Syntax refers to the language's grammar made up of keywords and symbols, that are necessary to execute instructions; the toolbox meanwhile, defines the collection of programs and functions related to the file extension .ff, which are both complex and robust, and more commonly known as Dollar Utilities (mainly because they start with the $ sign). This type of utility must have a strict order of arguments, which can possibly return no data at all. The logic represents the control (flow) exerted on the behavior of the instruction's execution.

The file extension .ff is written in ASCII, making the text readable, with an option to automatically start by using the ustart name when implemented in ARRIS. Other processes involved in the Sigmac aside from the file extension .ff, are the Compiler (converts source code), Machine Code (result of successful compilation), Archiver (includes GG format file in the library), Sigmac Library (represented by the format SM and is loaded in ARRIS), and Debugging (identification of logical errors). The file extension .ff is a vital part of these processes, because it is the only process that will allow the developer to incorporate future modifications into the application.

The file extension .ff is also applied to the description of the Outline Font generated by the printer AGFA CompuGraphics Genics, which is associated with the HPPCL driver of the Microsoft Windows Operating System platform.


SGC Consulting, AGFA Corporation

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Applications associated with file extension FF:

Sigmac, any application that utilizes the AGFA printer

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