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File Extension EPS

What is File Extension EPS?

File Extension EPS Recommendation:

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File Extension EPS Description:

The EPS file extensions are used for Encapsulated PostScript files, which can be a vector graphics file or a photo file. A vector based file in the .eps file extension, can be easily opened and edited for color and type, by any computer vector graphic editor such as Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator. Files in this format can have CMYK color, or color based in flat pantone. These files in the .eps file extension are imported and placed in an application such as PageMaker but cannot be opened in it.

The size of the graphics can be scaled infinitely without degradation in output since it is vector based. Photo files in the .eps file extension are flattened with a set resolution, and can be opened and edited in Adobe PhotoShop, but there will be degradation of the output if the size is scaled since there is a set resolution. These are files in CMMYK and can be set as tri-tone, or Pantone duo-tone files.

Files in the .eps file extension can also contain embedded images for preview in the bitmap format. EPS files are often utilized for transferring image files among various operating systems. A document with the .eps file extension is a PostScript document conforming to DCS, with some added restrictions to make it usable as a file format for graphics. A file in the .eps file extension has a special header included so that the PostScript can be comprehended. The header of a file in the .eps file extension is composed of PostScript comments that will not affect the printer.

An important comment that gives information on where the EPS picture can be located if not translated or scaled, is %%BoundingBox. A DTP program to put the picture on the page accurately uses this information. This describes the rectangular area that contains the image defined by files in the .eps file extension. Applications use this information for page lay out, even if the PostScript inside cannot be directly rendered.

Files in the .eps file extension can have a rather large size, because it contains the image and other special elements that are required for the installation of PostScript language printers by Adobe Systems, so that the printer can understand what it should print exactly.


Adobe Systems Inc.

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Applications associated with file extension EPS:

Adobe Illustrator, PhotoShop, Acrobat, Corel Draw, Apple Preview, and QuarkXpress

Common Path:

C:\ Program Files\

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