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File Extension DST

What is File Extension DST?

File Extension DST Recommendation:

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File Extension DST Description:

DST is a file extension that is used as the universal and popular format for embroidery machines. The Tajima Group in Japan, a large manufacturer of embroidery machines, developed it.

The DST format is considered to be a computer-aided manufacturing file (CAM). It contains instructions for creating different types of embroidery and/or decorations with stitched art. Codes, such as "stop," "trim," and "jump," are housed within DST files. These tell the embroidery machine how to move the needle.

DST files are, by nature, purely mechanical in output. Conversions to and from machine output are possible through embroidery software programs. A number of embroidery software is able to open .dst files. Some allow direct opening (OPEN) of a .dst file. In others, the .dst file may be imported.

The process by which a design is made into a readable .dst file is called "digitizing." This basically uses embroidery software to convert a design into a .dst file format. The design concept can be in raster or vector format.

The digital file created has the .dst file extension and is stored like any computer file. DST files can be addressed as any of the following: embroidery tape, embroidery pattern, embroidery design, embroidery file, embroidery program, or stitch file.

When the DST file is loaded onto an embroidery machine, it stitches on the created design at a measured speed and precision, as declared by the codes in the file.

The Tajima DST file extension is not to be confused with the CAMARC DST file format. Both are used for entirely different applications. CAMARC, which stands for Computer Aided Movement Analysis in a Rehabilitation Context, uses DST files for the storage and exchange of data. These DST files are used for biomechanics function to help European and Academic Communities.


Tajima Group

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Applications associated with file extension DST:

Designer's Gallery Studio Plus; Orchida Embroidery System; VeePro Embroidery Software; Buzz Tools; S&S Computing SewWhat!; CorelDraw

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