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File Extension DMS

What is File Extension DMS?

File Extension DMS Recommendation:

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File Extension DMS Description:

The file extension DMS is used by the Amiga Disk Masher for file compression processes. In this method, files are compressed in block form instead of the usual bit form, which allows Amiga floppy disks to store more data in terms of ratio, as compared to other file compression utilities. This .dms file extension is used exclusively for the file system of Amiga disks.

Conventional microfloppy disks have a 1.44Mb file size. Earlier floppy diskettes had 640kb and other formats. Amiga released its own version of a diskette with a unique track allocation. Data saved in an Amiga disk, which is compressed automatically into a .dms file format, is created in such a way that several of these .dms files are packed into a single Amiga disk to be expanded at a later time. This .dms file extension format becomes an image file of compressed data for archiving. In order for the computer to read the data properly, it has to convert it back into an uncompressed real file format or use a utility to read the saved archives in the Amiga disk one block at a time.

Conventional computers nowadays sporting the usual 32 and the 64 bit type File Allocation Table encounter incompatibility issues of not being able to read data from unknown .dsm compression type formats. A simple utility called dms2zip.exe was created to convert these .dsm image files into standard 32-bit files that contain the same files and data as it had with the .dsm file format.

The .dms file format was more popularly used during the earlier computing days, due to its high data storage to portability ratio. Users of warez and demo files are able to compress large files into a small-sized diskette and to be shared easily over the network. However, the advent of larger diskettes and portable storage devices and optical drive utilization slowly overshadowed the functionality of the Amiga disk.



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