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File Extension DCM

What is File Extension DCM?

File Extension DCM Recommendation:

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File Extension DCM Description:

the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) for the digital imaging of health-related findings uses the file extension .dcm. Simply put, the file extension .dcm used in the application DICOM is a standardized format of imagery, which represents different figures and rendered scans for patients. These scans include ultrasound, MRI's, and CT images. The images from the .dcm file format are compiled data of nomenclature, composition, dimension, and construction of each image format printed out. The utilization of a .dcm file format allows physicians to have a fixed and systematized set of protocols to properly assess and distinguish findings from the image output.

The medical images that arise from a .dcm file are also used as a common file format to be used among the different institutions in the medical field. This lessens the confusion of transferring pertinent data from one installation's findings to another.

One feature that files with the DCM file extension have is the support for TCP/IP as their protocol for data sharing among computers in a network. As long as both the recipient and source computers have DICOM software installed and running, the transfer of the .dcm image files ensues.

Another application of the file extension .dcm is with the popular Atari Computer System, where it is used as a compressed disk image for file storage and archiving. This DCM file format is the first instance of a DCM file being used. Data in a .dcm file is similar to a zipped archive that cannot be run directly without having the files extracted temporarily or permanently. The files in the Atari System with the .dcm extension have to be extracted first by a native decompression utility into .atr files for system use. The files with the .dcm format were created with a 16-bit design, which makes it rather obsolete and rarely used among the newer computer systems.


Atari, National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA)

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Atari Disk Image Format, DICOM

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