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File Extension CWK

What is File Extension CWK?

File Extension CWK Recommendation:

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File Extension CWK Description:

the ClarisWorks program suite uses The CWK file extension. The suite was originally named AppleWorks. The program was renamed ClarisWorks when Apple decided to launch its subsidiary Claris. Claris was developed to handle the development of applications. This was so the development of operating systems and hardware could be handled solely by Apple Inc. Claris later separated from Apple Inc. and renamed itself FileMaker Inc. Apple reclaimed the ClarisWorks program and switched it back to its original moniker AppleWorks.

AppleWorks is a program suite that was once included in the purchase of all Macintosh computers sold by Apple, Inc. It was one of the first program suites released in the market. The original version of AppleWorks included a spreadsheet program, a database management system and a word processor.

The modern version of the program suite started after Claris closed and the program was given back to Apple. This was the revamped version of ClarisWorks, which was given its old name AppleWorks. The program suite incorporated several functions developed by Apple third-party developers. The file extension CWK was used by this update of the program. This updated AppleWorks program suite contained a terminal program, a painting program, a drawing program, a spreadsheet program, a database program and a word processor. All these programs are developed to work well with each other. Files created with the program suite are given the file extension .cwk. Files with the CWK file extension can contain spreadsheets, drawings, presentations or documents. Both the ClarisWorks and AppleWorks program can open and edit files with the .cwk file extension. Other versions of the FileMaker Pro program suite can also open files with the CWK file extension since a company that was an offshoot of Claris developed the program. Programs that are compatible with files that use the .cwk file extension can determine whether the files contain drawings, presentations, spreadsheets and documents.

The CattleMax program also uses the CWK file extension. The software is used to monitor and record information about cattle. Files with the CWK file extension are used to store data on cattle such as age, gender, and kind. Files with the CWK file extension can be used to save the inventory records of an entire cattle farm.

The CWK file extension is also attached to files in the Gerber Format. The program GCPrevue uses files with the .cwk file extension to store edited and created designs for printed circuit boards. Files with the file extension .cwk contain plotter language, which was originally used to instruct plotters. Plotters are printing devices used to create images by using several moving pens.


Claris (ClarisWorks Data File), Cattlesoft, Inc. (CattleMax), Graphicode (GCPrevue)

Author URL: (ClarisWorks Data File), (CattleMax), (GCPrevue)

Applications associated with file extension CWK:

AppleWorks, ClarisWorks, FileMaker Pro (ClarisWorks Data File); CattleMax; GCPrevue

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