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File Extension CR2

What is File Extension CR2?

File Extension CR2 Recommendation:

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File Extension CR2 Description:

The CR2 file extension is described as a Canon Raw Image File. The Canon digital cameras founded under the .TIFF file format save files with the .cr2 file extension. The image content of files with the .cr2 extension is in an uncompressed format, precisely as it was when captured by the digital camera. However, two settings, namely exposure and white balance, can still be adjusted through the image-editing software after the file with the .cr2 extension is saved to a computer.

Being a raw image file, the CR2 file contains data that were minimally processed from the image sensor of the Canon digital camera. Files with the .cr2 extension are named "raw files" since they are yet to be processed and can be readily used with an image-editing application. Normally, a raw converter in a wide-array internal colorspace will process the CR2 file extension. Precise modifications can be completed before switching to an RGB file format, like TIFF.

Users can benefit from the raw image files with the file extension .cr2 for several reasons. There will be finer control for the settings when a mouse and keyboard are available. The settings can be sampled and adjusted to get hold of the best quality image or effect. Files with the .cr2 file extension also have 12 to 14 bits of direct intensity information. In view of the fact that the information is yet to be provided and shortened to become a type of color space scale, a greater level of accuracy may be accessible in the form of shadows, saturated colors and highlights. Through the CR2 file extension, the user can also obtain whatever setting is desired while working with the color space. Lastly, files with the .cr2 extension also accept different algorithms in demosaicing.

In the Windows operating system, Adobe Photoshop CS and Free RAW Viewer are the programs that can open the CR2 file extension. Additionally, Apple Aperture, iPhoto 5, as well as Adobe Photoshop CS, can also open files with the .cr2 file extension under the Mac OS.



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