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File Extension CPC

What is File Extension CPC?

File Extension CPC Recommendation:

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File Extension CPC Description:

Cartesian Products, Inc developed the file extension CPC. The .cpc file extension is used to contain images that have undergone Cartesian Perceptual Compression. Products developed by Cartesian Products, Inc use this method of compression.

Cartesian Perceptual Compression (CPC) was developed to compress images of scanned documents. Compression reduces the size of files by using an algorithm to replace a series of characters with other symbols. This process is used to encode data and presenting them in ways that can be read by specific applications.

Files that use the CPC file extension contain two-tone images such as black-and-white photos, scanned documents and architectural designs and drawings. Files with the file extension .cpc have a file size up to 30 times smaller than other compressed image files.

Files that contain important documents often use the .cpc file extension. Files are converted to have the CPC file extension so that databases can store more documents. The method of compression with the file extension .cpc is patented as a property of Cartesian Products, Inc. Files with the CPC file extension are used not just to store, but also to easily transmit documents and designs.

Files with the .cpc file extension actually contain bitmap images. The CPC file extension is attached to files that contain arranged pixels, which make up an image/ aside from documents and scanned images, the CPC file extension can also be used for line drawings and monochrome layouts. The CPC compression method currently does not support color palettes.

One program that can view files with the .cpc file extension is the CPC View program from Cartesian Products, Inc. CPC View is a plug-in designed to allow web browsers to access files in the CPC format. Plug-ins is added to existing programs to give them added functionality. In this case, CPC View can be downloaded and activated on the options menu of an existing web browser. Once this is done, the user can access image files with the CPC file extension that are posted online.

The CPC Tool from Cartesian Products, Inc. can be used to convert existing image files to have the CPC file extension. The application supports several image formats and compress them using Cartesian Perceptual Compression.


Cartesian Products, Inc.

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Applications associated with file extension CPC:

CPC Lite, CPC View, CPC Tool, Apple Safari with LizardTech DjVu Broswer Plug-in, LizardTech Document Express, Microsoft Internet Explorer with DjVu Plug-in, Mozilla Firefox with DjVu Plug-in

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