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File Extension CLASS

What is File Extension CLASS?

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File Extension CLASS Description:

The file extension .class represents the bytecode of the Java language, which is used to identify different types of commands that are sent by the application to the interpreter, for effective program execution. The .class file extension identifies a single byte opcode that is accompanied by a set of parameters (usually optional), that helps to determine the output of an application, and assists in easy deployment or reduction of program dependency on the operating system and hardware devices.

The bytecode generated by the file extension .class can be classified as either machine code compiled or directly executed, both of which allows for improved performance. Compared to the high level source codes, the .class file extension is characterized by numeric codes (compact), references (usually addresses in numeric format) and constants, which reflect the type of semantic analysis and parsing applied to objects.

The .class file extension is also applied to the Java Class File, which is used in defining program functions and variables, which can be read with any text editor program and executed by the JVM. The file extension .class represents the compiled source codes of Java, which is saved based on its classification that means if there were more than one class type, there would be more than one saved file. The .class file extension is platform independent, which makes its implementation far easier compared to other programs. The bytecode and class file associated with the file extension .class, are oftentimes used synonymously.

The structure of the file extension .class is basically divided into 10 sections: the Magic Number (current value is 0xCAFEBABE), Version of Class File Format (specifies class versions), Constant Pool (class constants), Access Flags (class types), This Class (current class name), Super Class (super class name), Interfaces (class interface), Fields (class fields), Methods (class methods) and Attributes (class attributes).

The general layout of the file extension .class is commonly sequentially parsed from the initial byte until the last, because the sizes of the contained variables are not constant, so therefore does not have embedded pointers.


Sun Microsystems, Inc.

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Applications associated with file extension CLASS:

Java Virtual Machine

Common Path:

C:\ Program Files\ Java\

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