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File Extension CHK

What is File Extension CHK?

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File Extension CHK Description:

The file extension .chk is created by the CHKDSK or SCANDISK utility of the Microsoft Windows Operating System, which is responsible for detecting and cleaning file fragments in the computer system. These fragments or errors are written out in files that are sequentially numbered file names and that using the .chk file extension. Usually, contents of files using the file extension .chk cannot be read, and would require the use of third party software tools to understand the file contents.

Scandisk and Chkdsk are standard utilities included in Microsoft's operating system platforms that help to maintain system integrity and functionality that are the result of irregular system shutdown. File fragments are associated with the term Orphans, which are files that the operating system has no active link, so when the utility is run, these types of files are identified as potential errors and are placed in files with the .chk file extension. The FAT32 is the responsible database for keeping track of the system files so every time a file is saved, related information is written in the FAT, which will instruct the operating system where to retrieve the file once a user calls for it.

File writing is not always done contiguously because large files may not fit in areas of the hard drive so they need to be broken up into chunks based on the available space on the hard drive. Upon opening of the file, it is the job of the operating system to put the puzzled file together in one piece for the appreciation of the user; pieces that do not fit the puzzle are tagged as orphans and are included in .chk file extensions. Windows runs the ScanDisk utility especially after a bad shutdown, because it finds errors in the file chain and can try and fix the broken links with the use of .chk file extensions, which are used as references for the moved file chunks.

The ScanDisk utility can be configured to automatically delete the file chunks it has moved. However, there is a reason why it is better to choose the option of converting these orphaned clusters into files that use the extension .chk, because it can help determine if the hard drive or the system FAT is suffering from considerable degradation. The presence of files using the .chk file extension also alerts the user on how frequent he must run the disk defragmentation utility of the operating system, since a prevalence of .chk file extensions indicate high volume of broken file links.


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