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File Extension CH

What is File Extension CH?

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File Extension CH Description:

The CH file extension is associated with Clipper Header files. Clipper is a tool for software development in DOS. This compiler for dBase III was first developed by Nantucket Corporation. Clipper header files or include files, comes usually in a source code, which is included automatically by the compiler in another source file. Typically, files in the .ch file extension are included because of compiler directives at the head, or beginning of the other source file.

Source codes contain any sequence of declarations or statements that are written in a human readable programming language. Files in the .ch file extension are composed of forward declarations of variables, identifiers, and subroutines in the Clipper programming language. Identifiers that require declaration in more than a single source file can be allocated in a header file. Generally, programmers write class declarations to a file in the .ch file extension and methods definitions, into source files. However, files in the .ch file extension provide a fragment of the standard code that is included in source files.

Files in the .ch file extension are used in the creation of software programs that operate originally and mainly in DOS. Clipper compiles code changes in dBase III from interpreted code, such as source codes that are interpreted each time, in every line code that is executed. Source codes are then converted by Clipper into an executable file.

The Clipper software development tool is also able to compile scripts into a program, which can stand alone and can be separately distributed. It allows developers to create EXE files that can run on any computer, which gave birth to a huge collection of add-on libraries. These libraries include functions for modem control, manipulation of graphics, mouse operations, and for special modes of display.


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