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File Extension CDT

What is File Extension CDT?

File Extension CDT Recommendation:

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File Extension CDT Description:

The CDT file extension is used to identify templates in Corel Draw, and can only be used when opened with a Corel Draw image and graphic rendering application. Files in the .cdt file extension gives users creativity to design their own professional projects in the Corel Draw Graphics Suite. The CDT file extension defines the template file type that is intended as the starting point from which to create other files. Corel Draw Templates give users suggestions of designs to be used in projects. Users can later on add their own ideas into a file with a .cdt file extension.

Files in the .cdt file extension allow users to browse though creative options, and choose the design of their choice. Templates in Corel Draw can also enable businesses to create personalized looks to be carried in all of their business documents. The CDT file extension can be seen when accessing a template file in Corel Draw. The software is a vector graphics editor that was originally developed for Microsoft Windows Operating Systems, and currently is only able to run in Windows 2000 and later versions.

Corel Draw is not only positioned as a vector graphics editor, but as a graphics suite that has complete editing tools to let users adjust the contrast, change the format from RGB to CMYK, color balance, and add effects like borders, and vignettes to bitmaps. Files in the .cdt file extension are pre-developed layouts in Corel Draw that are used to create new projects from the same pattern, style or design. You can also make your own template in the application for later use in other projects; then you can save the file with a CDT file extension.

Corel Draw is an application that allows users to edit, and compose vector images interactively in the computer display. Corel Draw is used better for page layout, graphics design, and artistic illustrations. In addition, it is also used for diagramming, technical illustrations and flowcharting, as opposed to bitmap editors, which are more ideal for photo processing, retouching and photorealistic illustrations.


Corel Corporation

Author URL:

Applications associated with file extension CDT:

Corel Draw Software, MS Windows 2000 and later versions

Common Path:

C:\ programs\ Corel\ CorelDraw\ templates\

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