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File Extension CAP

What is File Extension CAP?

File Extension CAP Recommendation:

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File Extension CAP Description:

The file extension .cap is often used to store files captured by network analyzers. Network analyzers function in a network of connected computers. These programs are used to check the processes of the machines in the network. This software gathers information in the system and save them with the .cap file extension. Files with the CAP file extension contain information that is being passed through the network. The tools in network analyzer programs test captured data saved with the .cap file extension. These programs test whether the network is working properly, if resources are being distributed properly or if there is room for optimization.

One network program, which uses the CAP file extension for captured files, is PacketView Pro. This software by Klos Technologies, Inc. checks the network for any system errors. PacketView Pro has its own set of analytical tools to test captured data with the .cap file extension.

Microsoft's own Network Monitor program uses files with the file extension CAP to store data gathered from the network. Network Monitor is part of the Administrative Tools for the Windows 2000 operating system. However, it is not automatically installed.

The Code Architect program also uses the .cap file extension to store projects. The program is used to generate code and data in a variety of formats. The program can write script in several programming languages. Files with the .cap file extension can hold source code in the Pascal, Visual C++, Modula-2 or C programming language. Files with the CAP file extension can also hold data in any text-based format.

Another group of programs that use the file extension CAP are programs developed by Capella Software. Capella produces several programs that deal with creating, editing and viewing sheet music. Sheet music used or created by the Capella programs is given the CAP file extension. Files with the .cap file extension contain documents that are formatted similar to real music sheets. The files also contain notes and musical symbols that are arranged to create an accurate melody.

The Ventura Publisher also uses the CAP file extension to store captions. Caption files with the file extension .cap are used as headers for layouts of documents. Ventura Publisher is one of the initial desktop publishing programs developed. The Corel Corporation who renamed it later purchased Corel Ventura the product.


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Applications associated with file extension CAP:

WWG LinkView PRO, WWG Domino, TTC FireBerd 500 PC, Telix Session, Shomiti Surveyor, PacketView Pro, NetMon, Fluke Protocal Inspector, Agilent LAN Analyzer (Generic Network Capture Document); Code Architect; Capella software; Ventura Publisher, Corel Ventura (Ventura Caption)

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