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File Extension BTN

What is File Extension BTN?

File Extension BTN Recommendation:

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File Extension BTN Description:

The file extension .btn is associated with the animated bitmaps, generated by the program Just Buttons, which was designed to create buttons that can be published together with web pages. The .btn file extension provides the user with the tool to create his individualized button, including the addition of captions to describe the animated object. The buttons created with the program can have any number of attributes that can include other images, lines, and shapes, with an import features that can incorporate any images created with image editing programs into the .btn file extension.

Some of the advantages associated with the deployment of the file extension .btn include the implementation of plastic, or looking glass effects on web buttons; implementation of customized shadows with text highlights; variety of font style options; unlimited object choices; creation of group buttons; choice of static or animated effects; and ability to produce icons for the AOL Instant Messenger. These features are available for both the Professional and Standard versions of the program, which are both supported by the .btn file extension.

Aside from image editing support, the file extension .btn is also applied to the files generated by one of the earlier Windows based database applications, the Buttonfile. The application is categorized as a shareware personal database manager, which is capable of completing important database jobs in a fast and easy process. The file extension .btn provides all the standard features found in a database application, including the management of mailing lists and personal information, without the need to develop queries or macro instructions. The program is an ideal tool for novice computer users with zero knowledge background in database programming, because the file extension .btn is capable of performing intricate tasks like printing, searching, sorting, and saving all via its graphical interface.

The file extension .btn is also capable of exporting to, and importing from the commonly used formats; it is portable to any other existing database application. Creation of databases can be as easy as clicking and dragging them to the workspace, and immediately inputting the necessary information. The similarity of the interface to the Rolodex makes the creation of the file extension .btn simple and easy to comprehend.


Lincoln Beach Software, Inc., ButtonWare Inc.

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Applications associated with file extension BTN:

Just Buttons, Buttonfile

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User Defined

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