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File Extension BMK

What is File Extension BMK?

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File Extension BMK Description:

The file format .bmk has been used by Microsoft Windows Help in all the programs it runs. From the operating system down to the most common applications, the existence of a Help file allows the utilization of associated file types, like Rich Text Format (RTF), Bitmap Image (BMP), Help Project File (HPJ), Help Bookmark (BMK), and the like.

Upon access of the Windows Help program, the contents of the .bmk file extension show the correct location of the information needed to satisfy the user's search query. Furthermore, the .bmk file extension provides the Windows Help file information on what pages within the help file have already been accessed by the user, and marks them with the necessary color assignment for links. It also stores the relative value of the specific page within the Help file that has been opened in sequence. This allows for easier the navigation and referencing of previously viewed areas of the Windows Help file by the user.

Made under the 16-bit and 32-bit file types, the .bmk file extension is accessible in programs running under Windows Legacy platforms. Windows Vista and other server-type operating systems, which run at a 64-bit interface, will not be able to recognize the .hlp or the .bmk file types. The support for the file types .bmk and .hlp are limited only until Windows XP.

As of the current Windows Vista applications, the use of .bmk file extensions is non-existent, as a newer format is utilized; that is, Microsoft Compressed HTML Help, or the CHM format. This newer file format for Help files is a streamlined version of the modular .hlp file, using separate modules like .bmk and the rest. In the new file format, the browsing pattern used to search the needed help information for Windows and Windows-based applications in Vista are similar to that of browsing the Web.


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