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File Extension AX

What is File Extension AX?

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File Extension AX Description:

The file extension AX is a plug-in file used by several video playback applications for various media-related functions. Files with the .ax file format are filters created through the use of DirectShow API. As such, the file extension AX can contain the possible functionality that had been originally designed for DirectShow, which is a multimedia framework that can perform several operations with media files or streams.

Files with the .ax file extension are used by the DirectShow in order to partition complex multimedia task into a sequence of fundamental processing steps. Each file with the .ax file extension represents one stage in the processing of the data. It has the input and the output pins that can be utilized to connect one file with the .ax file extension to another. This nature of the AX file extension enables several related files to connect with each other in various methods, in order to implement different and complex functions.

One function of files with the .ax file extension is the decoding and encoding of media streams. This function enables files with the .ax file extension to transform information from one format to another. The file extension AX can also have the function of de-multiplexing audio and media files. This process is the reverse method of combining multiple analog message signals or data streams into one signal. The files with the .ax file extension can also have the function of decompressing video files. This task decodes the encoded information in video files for it to be viewed fully. Other functions of the files with the .ax file extension are file parsing and video file rendering.

As a plug-in file, the AX file extension can incorporate several of its functions to a program that can support it. Such programs can include the Microsoft Windows Media Player, Apple QuickTime Player, VideoLAN VLC media player, and other video players that can support video filters.



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