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File Extension AVR

What is File Extension AVR?

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File Extension AVR Description:

.The .avr file extension is a non-standard format, associated with the video and audio file created for the Macintosh Operating System platform. The file extension .avr is characterized by the utilization of the MPEG-2 video codec transport stream for its video, which is commonly associated with the AVF format. The audio file that uses the file extension .avr on the other hand, uses a mono or a stereo channel, which carries either an 8-bit or a 16-bit sound file. The file extension .avr is usually referenced by software applications designed for the Macintosh system, in order to create high quality audio that is often times compared to the WAV format implemented in the Microsoft Windows Operating System environment.

Avid developed the file extension .avr to be supported by its Media Composer application, to provide not only quality but also versatile editing solutions that was initially hosted by the Macintosh system, but is now also available in Windows format. The application can deliver high-end performance in editing 24-bit audio, 23.796 native video content that taps into the functionality of OpenGL technology with real time rendering capabilities, in a single robust multimedia format solution.

The .avr file extension gives faster editing time yields without sacrificing quality, allowing for more productivity while handling video content from various sources. The file extension .avr allows the storage of image, audio and video, catering to non-linear editing by providing its own codecs, optimized specifically for their software. Aside from the file extension .avr, the application also provides for mainstream formats like HDV, DV50, Uncompressed HDJFIF, and PCM (16 and 24 bits) among others.

New formats can be easily integrated into the application that generates the file extension .avr, because it is software based. Any user can add extended functionality to the application, simply by incorporating the codec associated with the target format. The file extension .avr generated from previous versions of the program, produced three distinct modes of compression, AVR75, AVR70BH and AVR70B, which were all native to the Macintosh Operating System environment.


Avid Technology, Inc.

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Applications associated with file extension AVR:

Media Composer, Xpress Pro

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