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File Extension AU

What is File Extension AU?

File Extension AU Recommendation:

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File Extension AU Description:

The file extension AU is defined as a simple audio format that was introduced by the same company that created the Java programming language-the Sun Microsystems. Users of the NeXT operating system and early web pages might be familiar with the AU file extension since the Au audio files were primarily used with these. Sometimes, this file format is called "uLaw" since it is simply an 8-bit u-law-encoded data at a rate of around 8000 Hz. The AU file extension is considered "simple", because compared to the newer audio file formats, this is not used with 8192 Hz, with a header, or with 32-bit words.

A downside concerning the AU file extension is that newer digital audio players do not recognize it since it is older than the mostly used ones like the mp3s. This is why users of this file format often need converters to make their files with the AU file extension compatible with their digital audio player. Among the audio converters for the AU file extension are the Allok Audio Converter, Arial Audio Converter, Fx Audio Tools, AudioKit, Managing Audio Files, and ACDR among many others.

The AU file extension can also be found with the digital audio editor called Audacity, which is a freeware application. For this software, the AU file extension acts as its audio block. This is needed in the effective audio editing done with the Audacity application. This file extension also helps a lot in the features offered by this software application. These features include the ability to import and export AIFF, MP3, WAV, and Ogg Vorbis. It also supports free lossless audio coding and recording as well as even audio playback.


Sun Microsystems, Dominic Mazzoni

Author URL:,

Applications associated with file extension AU:

Au, Audacity, NeXT Operating System, Allok Audio Converter, Arial Audio Converter, Fx Audio Tools, AudioKit, Managing Audio Files, ACDR

Common Path:

C:\ Program Files\

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