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File Extension ATN

What is File Extension ATN?

File Extension ATN Recommendation:

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File Extension ATN Description:

The .atn file extension defines the files created by Photoshop Actions. Photoshop is a popular graphics editor published and developed by Adobe Systems.

Automations done in Photoshop are referred to as actions. These actions, when recorded and saved, have the .atn file extension. Actions contain a series of steps that can be applied to an image being edited. ATN files house these steps by recording all mouse movements, keystrokes, and clicks being done in Photoshop.

ATN files use the saved commands and actions to 'play it back' and apply to images that require the same sets of actions. ATN file formats can be run on files or file groups at any time.

Actions with the .atn extension have two main processes. The first is recording an action or series of actions. Photoshop provides a play/stop/record functionality to save the actions that are done by a user. Once the record button is clicked, everything being done within the application is recorded. This follows through up until the stop button is clicked. This signifies that the action set is finished.

The second process of .atn file formats is running the action or action set. With a new image, the .atn action file is loaded. The play button is clicked, and all the saved actions that are housed in the ATN file are applied to the open image.

Batch processing is made available in Photoshop because of .atn files. This means that a large number of images can be applied with the same set of actions with little time. This proves to be a very efficient feature and purpose that ATN files present.

The extension .atn is not a plug-in for Photoshop. It is bundled with the application. ATN files can be imported as EXE files and run with the Photoshop Illustrator application.


Adobe Systems Incorporated

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Applications associated with file extension ATN:

Adobe Photoshop; Adobe Illustrator

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