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File Extension ARC

What is File Extension ARC?

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File Extension ARC Description:

The .arc file extension is linked to the Arc application, which was hosted by computer systems running earlier versions of modern operating systems. The file extension .arc was a precursor to the widely utilized .zip file format that is commonly implemented in newer operating system environments. The inception of the file extension .arc moved to obsolescence, the SQ and the LU software applications, which generated the LBR format, because ARC combined the functionalities and capabilities of both tools in its application.

The file extension .arc produced by the Arc application, can create archives that can span multiple volumes, and contain various files exclusive of directory trees. The ARC application dictated the foundation where modern compression tools and utilities were built upon, and are hosted under different operating system platforms.

The file extension .arc also lends its compression expertise to the Insight II molecular modeling application, which is a graphical interface of the molecular dynamics algorithms, de novo design, electrostatics, and homology. The .arc file extension is implemented in association with the archiving of the Cartesian Coordinate files generated by the application, which in essence represents the straight line that has a selected point, associated direction, and unit length, existing within a number line. The file associated with the file extension .arc represents the real axis including its origins divided into negative and positive half axes, and commonly associated with points referred to as coordinates.

The .arc file extension supported application is a package that has many licensed components, which are useful in the environment of molecular modeling under the context of life science. The elements of the package include Binding Site Analysis, Biopolymer, CHARMm, DeCipher, DelPhi, Discover LS, Homology, Modeler, Profiles-3D, SeqFold and Sketcher.

Aside from being associated with an archive compression program, the .arc file extension is also implemented within the components of the Cabela's African Safari computer game, as a data file referred to as the data.arc. The file extension .arc contains images, music and other pertinent data relative to the execution of the game that can execute under Microsoft Windows, Playstation 2, PSP and Xbox game consoles.


Accelrys Software Inc., Activision, Bulat Ziganshin

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Applications associated with file extension ARC:

Cabela's African Safari, FreeArc, Insight II

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