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File Extension APR

What is File Extension APR?

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File Extension APR Description:

Lotus Approach is a relational database program included in Lotus SmartSuite products designed specifically to create, manage, and analyze a database of almost anything regarding your business, your organization as well as your personal data and activities. It offers a tight integration with Lotus Notes and other database applications such as Oracle or dBase so you can generate a report of all your data and analysis.

Lotus Approach uses a native format for its files that end with the DBF file extension. However, it does not automatically write all its database fields to this file. Rather, it stores some of these fields, particularly those that contain the results of the formulas such as calculated fields, in files with the file extension APR.

At the beginning of the file with the .apr file extension are distinctive characters in hexadecimal (HEX) format where the word "HEX" cannot be seen in the file itself. The MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) type: application/vnd.lotus-approach is used to describe the type of encoding needed so the files with the .apr file extension can be sent over the Internet. The same MIME type can be used to open the file when received.

Different types of users provide files with the .apr file extension with varying levels of protection feature for file access such as the password tab and team security button, which can be used. User privileges can be edited so that the databases and views conform to privileges each user can have. Passwords can also correspond to the type of access each user is given to the database file with the .apr file extension.

Older files with the .apr file extension can be easily converted to newer versions of Lotus Approach. However, the actual data used with those older files with the .apr file extension are not converted. This means the data can still be used in the older version of Approach.

When files with the .apr file extension are deleted using the Delete Record command in the Browse menu, they are not actually deleted. Rather, Lotus Approach internally marks them as files for deletion and that, they are no longer displayed. They are not permanently removed without passing through an additional step known as file compression.

In order to do this, the option of opening the file with the .apr file extension from the File menu and subsequently clicking on the Compress button in Database tab is available. Once compression is completed, files with the .apr file extension, which have been marked for deletion, can now be removed.


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Lotus Approach

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C:\ Program Files

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