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File Extension ALG

What is File Extension ALG?

File Extension ALG Recommendation:

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File Extension ALG Description:

The ALG file extension is the file format of GIS images generated through the ER Mapper application. Typically, files with the .alg file extension are saved files created through the combination of processing steps using an algorithm. The ER Mapper program uses this algorithm to process the image output.

The uniqueness of the algorithm being used by the ER Mapper makes it possible for any GIS image with any file size and complexity to be processed in real time. Additionally, the program does not utilize temporary disk files, which enables the user not to wait longer before the GIS image loads. The moment the user deems it necessary to save the GIS, or the Geographical Information System image, the ER Mapper automatically retrieves the algorithm file with the .alg file extension.

The file extension ALG is particularly useful in terms of data storage, since no matter how large the original GIS image is, the file with the .alg file extension, which constitutes only the algorithm, only has a file size of 6Kb or less. Normally, when the GIS image is saved and transformed into a file with the .alg file extension, it only involves ASCII codes within it, thus, making the ALG file extension similar to a text file that can only be utilized by the ER Mapper application.

The ER Mapper program is an image processing software package used for generating GIS images spatially referenced to the Earth. Aside from the algorithm used by the processing of GIS images used by the ER Mapper program, it also offers image compressor features, including flexible licensing, seamless image mosaics, and support for JPEG 2000 and a wide range of input file formats, and comprehensive coordinate system.


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