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File Extension AFP

What is File Extension AFP?

File Extension AFP Recommendation:

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File Extension AFP Description:

The AFP file extension is defined as an Advanced Function Presentation format. It was originally developed for IBM-based applications and is currently being used for displaying documents with varied embedded objects.

Documents in the .afp format contain different types of content, such as images or graphics, text, fonts, styles, templates, formatting, and so on. These kinds of documents are being used for documents with repetitive information, and the templates used in an AFP document are utilized to reduce the file size and help improve the loading time of each document.

Note, however, that the overlays being used in documents with the AFP file extension may result to missing font data, which can distort the overall appearance of the document. This is usually the case when a certain application does not support the necessary plug-ins to read AFP formats.

The RasterMaster program has a built-in support that allows users to manipulate documents with AFP formatting. The application contains imaging SDK, APIs, toolkits, and libraries that allow it to read different document files in varied extensions and formats, and to maintain its original content.

The support built into the RasterMaster program will read all the objects in an AFP document, which includes font objects, templates, formatting styles, and so on. The application will then piece together the retrieved objects to emulate the precise content of the document.

Since the AFP file extension is not compatible with other desktop publishing applications, like Microsoft Word, certain conversion steps have to be taken in order for this issue to be solved. One way to open an AFP-format document is to download the necessary support for Microsoft Word. Another method is to convert it to PostScript file, which can later be used to export it into other applications, like Adobe Acrobat.


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