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File Extension ACC

What is File Extension ACC?

File Extension ACC Recommendation:

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File Extension ACC Description:

The program Graphical Environment Manager, or GEM, was one of the first graphic user interfaces. The program was used for early IBM and Atari computers. Digital Research, Inc originally developed it. The program uses several files to store processes that are called for specific purposes by the user. One of the types of files used by GEM comes with the ACC file extension.

GEM resource files with the file extension .acc are in exe-format. This means the files are stored as executable files that store processes and applications. However, GEM files with the ACC file extension are loaded as overlays instead of actual programs. This means the files are used to encompass certain processes. GEM files with the .acc file extension contain descriptions about the other files used by the program. These files are loaded automatically. However, they are not able to allocate resources or edit information.

The Accent Duo program also uses the ACC file extension. The software is used to create documents in several languages. Accent Duo uses support from the Globalink Spanish Assistant to translate English documents to Spanish and vice versa. The file extension ACC is attached to documents created by the software. Files with the ACC file extension can contain text in the English and Spanish languages. The program can also support other European languages by using plug-ins and additional dictionaries. Files with the file extension .acc can be spell-checked because of the support of dictionaries and thesaurus in several languages other than English.

The ACC file extension is also used for programs for the Atari ST computer. Atari ST is one of the earliest personal computers created by Atari Corporation. The "ST" part of the model's name refers to the Motorola 68000 processor used by the computer. The processor can handle a 16-bit external bus and 32-bit external bus. Programs, which were created for the ATARI ST machine, came with the .acc file extension. Programs with the file extension ACC contain processes, which are compatible with the Atari ST computer.

Another program that uses the ACC file extension is the Graphic Accounts program from FKJ Software. Graphic Accounts is used to create budgetary data and manage them in a graphic setting. Files with the .acc file extension are used to store data created by the software. Encrypted versions of files with the .acc file extension are in binary format whereas unencrypted versions contain plain ASCII text characters.

The Altamira Composer also uses files with the ACC file extension. The program was developed by Altamira Software, which was later bought by Microsoft Corporation. The program was later renamed as Microsoft Composer. However, it still uses the .acc file extension as the default file format for the graphic images it creates.


Digital Research, Inc. (Graphical Environment Manager), Accent Software International Ltd. (Accent Duo), Atari Corporation (Atari ST), FKJ Software (Graphic Accounts), Altamira Software (Microsoft Composer/Altamira Composer)

Author URL: (Graphical Environment Manager), (Atari ST), (Graphic Accounts), (Microsoft Composer/Altamira Composer)

Applications associated with file extension ACC:

Graphical Environment Manager, Accent Duo, Atari ST, Graphic Accounts, and Microsoft Composer/Altamira Composer

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