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Common File Extensions List & Search

As technology evolves and more software applications are developed, we need to employ a system that makes it easier for us to tell what kind of file we are using or receiving. A file extension does just that!

The file extension often gives hints about what kind of information the file contains. It provides your operating system with the information it needs so the correct software program opens your file. To your PC, file extensions list the file format of the information contained within a file and suggest what to use to open common file extensions. Common file extensions include .txt for plain text, .exe for executables, and .mp3 for music.

Early on, a file extensions list would include many of these generic extensions. However, over time, file extensions have become tied to certain software. For example, common file extensions .docx and .pptx are connected with Microsoft Office and PowerPoint. While you may be familiar with the more common file extensions, thanks to the proliferation of new software programs and operating systems there are many more that may be foreign to you.

When you receive unknown files you might need to do a file extension search or use a file extensions list to figure out the format. We have made discovering file extension types easy and painless! Simply scroll through the file extensions list of common file extensions (and some not so common file extensions) below to discover the type of file format that is indicated by each extension.

Have you ever had a situation where you double click on something with common file extensions and the wrong program opens it? You might do a file extension search or consult a file extensions list to make sure the format is what you thought it was. However, often the wrong program is associated with common file extensions. Using the file extensions list below you can associate the correct programs with common files extensions. The file extensions list makes it easy to do a file extension search.

The ParetoLogic File Extension Lab can help you deal with common file extensions and associated problems. Just do a file extension search of the file extensions list below to find the one that you are having trouble with and click on it. The detailed description will explain the format, at times give some background and provide the author and applications commonly associated with obscure and common files extensions.

File Extensions List: